How Do You Write a Resignation Letter When Leaving a Nursing Position?


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To write a resignation letter when leaving a nursing position, explain as in a normal resignation letter the fact of resignation and the reason for leaving while maintaining a positive tone. It is good practice, though not absolutely necessary, to express gratitude or goodwill toward the hospital staff and administration.

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As with any resignation letter, the tone of a nurse's resignation letter should be formal, courteous and positive. Avoid straying into sentimental reflections on time spent at the hospital; it is enough to say that one has enjoyed or is grateful for the time spent working at said hospital. The ability to keep business communication formal even in the face of adversity is seen as a high mark of professionalism. Therefore, if there has been a reason to complain about the job, the resignation letter is not the place to express it.

Address the letter to the hospital's chief administrator or relevant authority. State the exact date of departure, and make sure that it is at least two weeks from the date the letter is handed in. It is good practice to assure the administrator that the quality of work will remain up to standard until the day of departure. Close with "respectfully" or "sincerely."

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