How Do You Write a Resignation Letter for Early Retirement?


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An early retirement letter should offer the employer thanks for opportunities, well wishes in future business and a brief explanation of the writer's reasons for seeking retirement from their position. It is not necessary to make excuses for early retirement, but it is important to maintain a strong relationship and to avoid burning bridges in case future employment or reference is needed.

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Early retirement is retirement ahead of the track established within a company. It is often sought for personal reasons.

  1. Offer thanks for opportunities
  2. Lay out gratitude to the employer for the experiences and opportunities had at the job. This helps to ensure that the retirement process will proceed with good feelings on both sides and that future relations will be in good faith and without rancor.

  3. Give reasons for leaving
  4. Give reasons for departing the position in question. These reasons may be personal, touching on health and matters of family, or they may be professional such as a desire to transition between careers. It is important to be honest yet positive.
  5. Express good wishes
  6. Express wishes for good hopes for the future of the company. This serves to help shore up relations and make sure there is no ill will in the future.
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