How Do You Write a Request for Credit References?


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Write a request for credit references by composing a formal letter addressed to the party in possession of the credit information, such as a credit bureau, explaining the need for the reference and including the name and address of the organization requiring the reference. The letter may also call for a description of specific information necessary in the reference, such as credit limits or account durations.

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A credit reference letter serves as an additional form of verification on the credit rating of an individual or business and often acts as a supplement to an application for a loan or other procedure that involves financial risk. In most cases, the party writing the request letter is the person or entity attempting to prove financial history, though in some cases the lending institution may write the letter during the course of standard verification for its clients. Writing such a letter involves standard business formatting and includes the identity and contact information for both the recipient and the writer.

The letter should also include the name of the other party involved, either the borrower or lender depending on the situation, as a subject at the top of the letter. The opening paragraph should state the purpose of the letter, including the specific reason precipitating the need for the reference. The body should include the exact information necessary from the reference, including official documentation or forms from a specific party, as well as the address to send these documents.

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