How Do You Write a Reprimand Letter for Poor Performance?


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A letter reprimanding an employee's poor performance should include detailed information of the specific issue and include the areas of improvement on which the employee needs to work. The letter should also include what happens if the employee fails to make the necessary changes. The letter should include different suggestions for how the employee can implement the necessary change to his work performance.

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A letter reprimanding an employee for a poor performance is very specific. The opening paragraph generally advises the employee the purpose of the letter, listing the issue and explaining how this issue affects the business. This section of the letter includes reminders about past incidents or verbal or written warnings about the issue at hand.

The next section discusses how to correct the problem and should outline the specific expectations of the employee and the steps to take to improve the performance. This may include additional training or mentoring needed to address the issue.

A summary of what may happen if the employee does not improve in his performance is also included. This may include any additional disciplinary action, such as termination from the position. When the employee knows the potential consequences if he fails to improve, it may motivate him to make changes.

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