How Do You Write a Recognition Award Letter?

Write a recognition award letter by using professional language to identify the employee and offer sincere appreciation for her efforts or actions on behalf of the company, highlighting specific details about the reason for which she is receiving the award. Include personal stories or feelings on the matter, if possible, and conclude the letter by mentioning the award and reiterating the appreciation of the company.

A recognition award letter serves as an official correspondence to an employee highlighting the level of appreciation from her employers or supervisors for various actions taken within the workplace, usually accompanying a physical award certificate, trophy or plaque. Use company letterhead for the letter to add an official tone, including your name and title at the top of the document. Address the employee directly by name, as this sets a tone of personalization and earnest appreciation, compared to a generic greeting that may make the employee feel that the letter is a formality and has no meaning.

Open the letter by stating its purpose, mentioning the reason the employee is receiving the award directly, such as numerous years working at the company or closing the most sales during that year. Directly thank the employee for her work and elaborate on why it is important to the company, explaining how her actions have a positive impact on the business. Share a personal interaction or view on the matter, referencing specific details, and end by explaining any additional benefits of the award.