How Do You Write a Receipt?

Write a receipt by stating the vendor information, adding the details of the transaction and information about the payment. Receipts are important for both the seller and customer.

  1. Start with vendor information

    Usually receipts are printed or handwritten on some form of letterhead. That letterhead should include the seller's business or personal name. It should also include the address, and contact information such as email, phone or fax.

  2. Give details about the transaction

    The receipt should include specific information on the product or good provided. This usually includes a product number, some product description, the cost of the item and any applicable taxes. This should also include a final total of all goods sold.

  3. Add the payment information

    It is also important to include the amount actually paid, as sometimes an account is not paid in full, and how the payment was made. Specify cash, credit card, money order, etc. It is also important to indicate the purchaser information in some way. Most frequently the purchaser signs a copy of the receipt.

  4. Ensure clarity

    Make sure that the important information is written or printed clearly, a receipt does not serve its purpose if it can not be read at a later time.