How Do I Write a Rebuttal to a Job Evaluation?


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To write a rebuttal to a job evaluation, find out the company's time frame and any requirements for rebuttals. Address the rebuttal to the right person, and pinpoint the parts of the evaluation you think are wrong. Explain why, and provide examples and proof.

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  1. Check on the logistics

    Find out how much time you have to write the rebuttal and to whom you should send it. The Human Resource department can give you this information, or it may be in the performance review packet.

  2. Reflect, then gather information

    Wait at least two days after you receive your job evaluation before you start composing a rebuttal. Investigate the matter further if your performance review or the evaluation meeting did not provide enough information. For instance, you may need to ask your supervisor for the rationale for each negative point in your job evaluation.

  3. Draft the rebuttal

    Explain in the first paragraph whether you are rebutting certain points in a job evaluation or the evaluation in its entirety. Give the date of the evaluation, and state that the goal of the rebuttal is to provide clarification and a means of moving forward. In the next paragraph, acknowledge any valid points the job evaluation may have made. Detail how you plan to address these issues and to turn around your performance. Always remain professional. In the next part of the letter, address the issues of contention point by point. Provide examples and details to illustrate your points. Close by thanking the recipients for their time.

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