How Do I Write a Proposal Letter?

write-proposal-letter Credit: Pamela Moore/E+/Getty Images

To write an effective proposal, it is important to use a proper format and to explain ideas in a clear and succinct manner. This will ensure that the reader understands the ideas, and it will also increase a person’s chances of receiving a favorable response. The complete name, address and contact details of the person writing the proposal are typed in the upper right corner.

The name and address of the recipient are typed in the left corner of the letter, with the date centered below the recipient’s address. Then, a “Re:” line is placed below the date. This line contains clear and concise information about the proposal. To start the letter, a formal greeting using the recipient’s proper title is used. Proper titles include Dr., Ms. and Mr. Relevant background information is stated in the first paragraph, and a short summary of the proposal is provided. This helps the reader understand complex proposals. Next, the goal of the letter and the requested subsequent action are written clearly. Any specific action requested from the recipient is mentioned in the last paragraph. It is important to mention any potential benefits to the recipient. To close the letter, the recipient is thanked for his consideration and encouraged to contact the person writing the letter if there are any questions about the proposal. If available, supporting documents are included in the letter. These are denoted by writing “enclosures:” on the left side below the person’s signature. Enclosures are listed after this.