How Do You Write a Proper Complaint Letter?

A complaint letter must be concise, authoritative, factual, constructive and friendly to be effective. A complaint letter is an attempt to receive compensation or enact some sort of change based on a negative experience with a product or service.

A complaint letter should be as concise as possible and still include all the necessary information to rectify the problem. A complain letter also needs to be written in an authoritative tone to be effective. This means using professional, business-like language, proper grammar and correct spelling. The letter should open with any pertinent information, including product or service name, serial number or model, specific information about the service, date of purchase and any other relevant information. The letter should go on to describe exactly what occurred and what the problem is.

The letter should then move into a suggestion of how to address the issue. It’s best to adopt a friendly, constructive tone when offering suggestions. Any serious problem likely requires use of company resources to be rectified, and a positive tone is more likely to elicit an actual solution. Additionally, threats to never use a service or purchase products from a company again are unlikely to engage customer service employees, who deal with negative and critical comments all day. Instead, suggest possible outcomes and strive to maintain an attitude of flexibility.