How Do You Write a Project Proposal?


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A project proposal should be written to contain sections for the project's objectives, significance, plan, resources, preparation and budget. The purpose of the proposal is to show why the project is important and what end result is intended.

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To write an effective project proposal, perform the following steps:

  1. Write down the objectives
  2. Explain exactly what will be accomplished with the proposed project.
  3. Explain the significance
  4. Explain how the project will be beneficial and name who it will benefit. Justify the reasons for doing the project to show its importance.
  5. Show the project plan
  6. Use this section of the proposal to show how the project will be done, how long it will take and what it will result in. Be sure to specify how doing this project will result in the objectives previously mentioned.
  7. List the project resources
  8. Use this section to show where the project funds will come from, whose expertise will be needed and what supplies will be needed.
  9. Tell how to prepare
  10. Explain what will be needed to get ready to do the project, including the required skills and any additional plans or approvals that will be necessary to begin.
  11. Include a budget
  12. Give a line by line breakdown of the total cost of the project. Include an estimated cost for each step and the overall cost.
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