How Do You Write a Project Overview Statement?

When writing a project overview statement, describe the purpose and goal the project will achieve, explain how the project will be deemed as successful, note any assumptions and disclose any risks involved. A project overview statement provides a summary of the benefits of a project while indicating project needs and possible obstacles to success.

Use the following steps to compose an effective project overview statement.

  1. State the project's purpose and goals
  2. Tell what the project's final output will be and how it will benefit the organization.

  3. Describe success indicators
  4. Describe what indicators will show the project is successful, such as a specific completion date or skills that will be effectively demonstrated.

  5. State any assumptions
  6. Include any resources that are assumed to be provided during the project, such as time, materials, money or people.

  7. Disclose risks
  8. Explain any foreseeable issues that could cause the project to fail or be delayed. This could include a failure to have enough staff, failure of equipment or unintended results.