How Do You Write a Project Evaluation Report?

To write a project evaluation report, start with a front cover page with the title and location of the project, the name of the evaluator and the date of the report; then, devote the following two to three pages to an executive summary that clearly highlights the findings and recommendations. Also include the reason for the evaluation, the timeline for the evaluation and the method used for quality assurance.

For the body of the report, it is important to assume that those reading the report do not know anything about the project. Give clear details about the project, the project goals, the organizational structure, the materials used or needed and the staff involved in the operation of the project.

When describing the results of the evaluation, discuss what factors contributed to the results, what kind of void would exist if the project ended or did not exist, and the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Discuss the budget for the program, including the cost of resources and staff, how the budget was determined and the investment or return that the project entails. In the conclusion, make final recommendations based on the results of the evaluation. This includes the future role and activities of the project, how to improve upon its weaknesses and when the next evaluation will occur.