How Do You Write a Professional Resume?


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A professional resume should be polished, free of grammatical errors and written so that it catches a potential employer's eye. A professional resume has a clear objective of what the applicant is looking to achieve in his career and provides the employer with information regarding his skills, background and education.

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A professional resume should be written legibly and focus on the skills and qualifications that the applicant needs to be successful in the job for which he is applying. The resume should not include information that does not pertain to the specific job the applicant is applying for, states the Rockport Institute. Legible fonts and white or cream-colored paper should be used to give the resume a professional look, suggests About.com.

A resume should focus on what the applicant can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for the applicant. The objective must be clear and concise, and the applicant must be able to back up his claims for listed skills and accomplishments. When the applicant is summarizing his qualifications, those qualifications should be written in a way that shows the employer why the applicant is the right person for the job. A list of skills and accomplishments should focus on the most important highlights of the applicant's qualifications.

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