How Do You Write a Professional Growth Plan?


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To write a professional growth plan, gather information about the necessary skills, knowledge, professional requirements and technology needed to advance your goals. Identify how to obtain these assets and tools, and develop a timeline for completion.

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  1. Do background research

    Find out what skills, education, technology and career requirements are needed for the professional growth you seek. Talk with your boss, co-workers or workers at other organizations to assess requirements. Look at job postings for these positions. List their common qualifications, and narrow down areas in which you need work.

  2. Create the first part of a plan

    Write a professional growth plan draft with four parts: skills, knowledge, job requirements and technology. Include at least one objective for each area. For example, becoming fluent in Microsoft Excel is a technology objective.

  3. Expand your plan to include a timeline

    Answer what, when, where and how for each objective. For instance, enroll in online and in-person classes, read books, and attend professional meetings. To avoid burnout, spread out your activities, and keep a balance. Assign deadlines for each objective. If one of your goals is to become fluent in Microsoft Excel, this part of your plan explains how to become fluent and identifies a deadline for achieving this goal.

  4. Follow through

    Stay on track, and adjust the plan as necessary. Update your resume and related materials as you gain more skills and knowledge.

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