How Do You Write a Product Listing for an Informercial Product?


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Write a product listing for an infomercial product by listing the most valuable aspects of the product, such as the problems it solves for users, its ease of use or its versatility compared to other products. Include this information in a few short sentences, avoiding unnecessary superlatives or meaningless filler copy.

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Many of the products that appear in infomercials solve a specific problem for buyers, such as allowing them to remove difficult stains from clothing or building muscle definition while sitting at an office desk. As such, the product description needs to focus primarily on these benefits to the consumer, listing multiple example scenarios to further highlight its usefulness. The description should also reflect other positive aspects of the product to help differentiate it from other items, such as mentioning a simple design that makes it easy to operate. This section should not contain overly complicated details that distract the reader from understanding the purpose and benefits of the item.

If the product description is to appear on a website, it may be necessary to alter the formatting to make it easier for users to read, such as by creating a short bullet point list of the key features. In either case, the description should feature concise language that speaks directly to the benefit of the product rather than using common phrases that don't offer any specific value or language that sounds like a generic description.

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