How Do You Write a Price Quote?

How Do You Write a Price Quote?

To write a price quote, title the document on a company letterhead, assign a tax registration number and a quote identity number if necessary, describe the terms of payment, break down each good or service and its price and then total the amount due before and after tax. If necessary, note the terms of the offer, such as "valid for 6 months," suggests EzySoft Developments.

A price quote or price estimate is a professional document that estimates and breaks down the pricing of a good or service that a company provides. Being thorough builds trust between the company and client, says Inc. Use the following steps to write a professional price quote.

  1. Write on a paper with the company letterhead
  2. Write the quote or estimate using a company letterhead that displays the company name, number and other contact information.

  3. Assign an identification number
  4. Assign an ID number to the quote for easy storage and filing later on. If necessary, also assign a tax registration number.

  5. Describe terms of payment
  6. Any terms of payment, such as "pay in full before services" or "pay half before and half after," should be clearly described.

  7. Break down all goods and services with their prices
  8. Show every single good or service with its corresponding fee. Clients want to see the breakdown of all of their fees.

  9. Total the amount for the final price quote
  10. Total all fees and show the price before and after taxes.