How Do You Write a Price Quotation?

To write a price quotation, consider the customer and his requirements, recap the matters already discussed, list a specific price and close by providing directions on how to finish the deal.

  1. Report the reason for writing

    Begin by telling the receiver the reason you sent the quotation. Refer to the invitation to give a quote the company initially sent. Display your credentials clearly, including all contact details.

  2. Recap your discussion

    Write about the matters previously discussed between you and the representative of the company. This will involve detailed requirements and any other special terms or conditions that were discussed.

  3. Write pricing in detail

    List the price of every particular requested item. Be direct, and give details of any taxes that are applicable and any other charges, such as installation and transport. Divide information into headings and subheadings if there are many items.

  4. Attract the customer

    Add in points as to why the customer should engage in business with you. Mention strengths regarding your goods or services and any special benefits you are willing to provide.

  5. Facilitate deal signing

    Add a section towards the end that helps the customer move forward. Include any procedures that need to be followed to set the order in motion.