How Do You Write a Poor Customer Service Letter?

How Do You Write a Poor Customer Service Letter?

Begin a poor customer service letter by writing your name and address, followed by the recipient's name and address underneath. In the body of the letter, include all information regarding the nature of the complaint, along with names, dates and times related to the incident. End with a request for a specific resolution, then add a formal closing, followed by your signature.

  1. Write your name and address

    Write down your full name, followed by your street address on the subsequent line. On the 3rd line, write down your zip code, city and state.

  2. Skip a line

    After your name and address, skip a line, and write "To" on its own line.

  3. Write the recipient's name and address

    On the next line, write the recipients full name and title if applicable. Write their street address on the next line, followed by their zip code, city and state on the line after that.

  4. Create an introduction

    Skip a line, then write "Dear (recipient's name)," and skip another line.

  5. Introduce your topic

    Write down information about yourself, your history with the company or service, and the reason for the complaint. Include names, dates and times. Keep the language polite and simple, while maintaining a professional demeanor.

  6. Introduce your solution

    Write down how the poor customer service affected you as a customer. Include your desire for compensation or other specific resolution, if applicable.

  7. Conclude the letter

    Skip a line after the body of the letter, and write an appropriate closing statement. Conclude the statement with "Best Regards" or "Sincerely." On the line below the closing, write your full name.