How Do You Write a Policies and Procedures Manual?


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To write a policies and procedures manual, include the company's mission statement, anti-discrimination policies, termination policies and benefit information. Review the manual with an attorney to insure that the manual meets the legal requirements regarding employee notification of rights and company practices. An attorney suggest additions based on the company's specific industry.

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The mission statement should be placed at the beginning of the policies and procedures manual. This statement outlines the company's beliefs and goals. The manual should also include a company overview, listings of officers, and the company's history.

A statement about Equal Employment Opportunity laws should be included in the manual to notify employees of their rights under these laws, as well as an explanation of attendance and disciplinary policies. The manual should also include information regarding termination, with a clear explanation about the acts that lead to immediate termination.

The benefits section should include information about sick days, vacation days and health insurance coverage. Other required information includes requirements for earning paid time off and when it should be used, as well as carry over of vacation and sick time. The manual should outline qualifications for health care coverage, and if an employee assistance program exists, confidentiality details and contact information for the program.

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