How Do You Write a Police Officer Resume?


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A police officer resume needs to highlight skills and experience that are valuable in the positions for which the job seeker is applying. A quality resume starts with a summary or profile section that catches the hiring managers attention while sharing the job seeker's top selling points. Follow this with lists of education and experience, focusing on those things that are most relevant to a police officer position.

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The most important section of a resume for a criminal justice position is the profile or summary section. This section should be located at the top. It must describe the applicant's key career positions and highlight their strengths in a few easy-to-scan sentences. If the applicant does not have direct law-enforcement experience, the summary section should list related educational achievements, skills developed during volunteer work or other job experience that shows strengths that are valuable in a law-enforcement position.

After the summary, the resume briefly lists the job seeker's educational background, including awards and recognitions. The next section includes work history focusing on the most relevant positions. List key accomplishments under each position to highlight strengths directly related to law enforcement. The resume finishes with a brief list of any recent professional-development opportunities that have been completed and professional organizations to which the applicant belongs.

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