How Do You Write a Personal Statement for Nursing?


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When writing a personal statement for nursing school, it is important to use your previous work experience, schooling, and extracurricular activities to show schools that you would be a great fit for their program, and that you would excel in the field of nursing. You must begin with a personal anecdote that emphasizes your experience with nursing and demonstrates your passion for going to nursing school.

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Explain how your unique personal story relates to your goals. Next, look at each program's website, and mention your interest in what their particular program offers in your personal statement. Each school is different, and they want to see that you have researched their school's focus.

When discussing your previous experience, discuss direct-patient care and evidence-based practice, as these are two components to a well-rounded candidate for nursing school. Don't forget to address your strengths and ultimate goals. State where you see yourself after your studies and what you hope to do in the end. Lastly, it is important that you show the nursing programs that you apply to that you are a dedicated and hard-working individual and that you have initiative. Remember, you want to stand out from the other candidates.

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