How Do You Write a Personal Profile?

write-personal-profile Credit: Vision/Getty Images

Write a personal profile by summarizing skills, qualifications and experience in a short paragraph. These items should relate directly to the résumé, which provides details to support and expand on the profile statements.

A personal profile serves as an introduction that entices an employer to read further. It should consist of a maximum of five succinctly worded sentences that elicit in the employer an image of the applicant doing the job.

Human resource experts recommend using active verbs rather than passive ones and avoiding the pronouns "I" and "my." Although it may seem awkward to write that way, the action words paint a clear picture of whether or not an applicant can deliver what the employer is looking for, and the pronoun-free language gives the impression that the applicant is focused on the employer's needs rather than her own.

A well-written profile for a retail manager might read, "Results-driven store manager with a 10-year track record of exceeding revenue goals and ensuring an outstanding experience for customers. Trained and motivated staff to increase sales by an average of 10 percent each year and earn 95 percent satisfaction scores on customer surveys. Spearheaded marketing strategies that increased market share by 30 percent over two years.”