How Do You Write a Personal Letter of Introduction?

At a minimum, a personal letter of introduction should include an explanation of how the letter's author got the name of the recipient, the main purpose of the letter and contact information. Letters of introduction are used as a way to make connections with potential new clients and are a good way to help grow a business or client base.

A good introduction letter is an invaluable asset to any businessperson. Making a good first impression is paramount to gaining and retaining business contacts. Following a simple template helps ensure success.

  1. Indicate the name and address of both parties
  2. As with any formal business letter, start by listing the name and address of the sender as well as that of the recipient. Include the date of the letter as well.

  3. Start with some personal information
  4. Begin the letter with a personal introduction. This should include the name of the company the writer works for and the role within the company. The writer should take some time to describe how he or she got the name of the recipient, such as through a common friend or business contact.

  5. Describe the purpose of the letter
  6. This section is the body of the letter. Inform the recipient of the reason for writing the letter, such as the products being offered or their benefits.

  7. Close on a positive note
  8. End the letter by thanking the recipient for his or her time. If appropriate, suggest a date and time for a future meeting. Be sure to include contact information.