How Do You Write a Personal Introduction Letter to New Clients?

A personal introduction letter to clients should focus on the client. This means it should highlight clearly how the client can benefit from the content of the letter. As it is a business letter, it should be written in a formal tone.

Introductory letters to clients should have concise information and get straight to the point. The letter should relate to the client, the client's needs and how the person writing the letter can help. It should have a call to action, and place an emphasis on building trust and developing the relationship.

Here is a typical introduction letter format:

  1. Addresses, date and salutation
  2. Start by entering the name and address of the person writing the letter in the top left corner of the page. Below that write the date, and below that write the name and address of the person who is to receive the letter. Good formatting is essential. Then greet the recipient by name.

  3. Opening paragraph
  4. Use the first paragraph to introduce the writer and the business, and explain the purpose of the letter.

  5. Main body
  6. Now explain why this letter is important to the client. This is the sales pitch, and should focus on the client rather than features and benefits of products. It is also important to express the company's USP — unique selling point. This paragraph should include details of the goal of the letter. For example, this could be to express a desire to set up a meeting.

  7. Contact details
  8. The final paragraph should include full contact details for the writer.

  9. Closure
  10. Sign off using "Sincerely" and the writer's name and position.