How Do You Write a Personal Goal Paper?


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There are five important steps to writing a personal goal paper: deciding what goals to include, choosing a main point to focus on, constructing a story, devising a powerful conclusion and reading it aloud. Asking other people for feedback is helpful once the paper is nearly complete.

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To establish effective goals, ensure that they follow the SMART rules: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Specific goals focus on areas known to need improvement. Set measurable goals with specific benchmarks so that you know when you are close to reaching your goals and when you have achieved them.

Choose goals that are realistic and achievable. Short-term goals should be challenging and help move you forward, yet not overly ambitious, such as solving the world's problems in a month. Goals should be important to your life and have a time frame for completion so that a plan is feasible.

Identify one or two main points and include those in the first paragraph. It is beneficial to clearly state what the goals are and include a brief outline of why those goals are important. Anecdotes and details keep readers interested and frame the main point established in the first paragraph. Describe what you want in the future, not what you want to leave behind. Make a memorable conclusion by offering a new perspective on the first paragraph.

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