How Do You Write a Perfect CV?


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Write an effective Curriculum Vitae, also known as a CV, by crafting the document to specifically reflect the requirements of the job description, focusing on only the relevant accomplishments and experiences that pertain to the role and by inserting key words and phrases from the job description into the contents. The document should also be no longer than two pages of A4 paper and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

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The key aspect of crafting an effective CV is to make the document unique to each position for which you are applying, rather than making a single copy that you send with each application. This ensures that the CV has not only specific and relevant information for the job, but it represents your experience and skills in such a manner that establishes you as a fully qualified candidate. Begin by reading through the job description to identify the most important requirements, such as knowledge of a specific program or experience working in a certain environment.

Focus each section of the CV, such as educational history, publications or past job performance, to highlight these key components. If the employer asks for a digital copy of the CV, make sure to include important phrases from the actual job description to help hiring mangers performing keyword searching to identify the appropriate matches. The CV should also include sufficient detail, but remain concise enough to fit on two sheets. Longer CVs may experience rejections for lack of focus or irrelevant information.

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