How Do You Write a Payment Reminder Letter?

A payment reminder letter is an effective way to ask customers for payment on an invoice. To produce the desired outcome, make sure your collections communications are presented in a calm and professional manner.

  1. Check your facts first

    Find out the facts before you send out a letter reminding your customer about an invoice. Gather details about the invoice, and make sure it was prepared correctly and sent to the customer. Write an actionable and accurate letter to your customer.

  2. State the outstanding balance

    Let your customer know the amount due, when it was due, sales terms and conditions and the date when the payment must be received by your office. Include a copy of the invoice in case the customer misplaced the original.

  3. State your acceptable payment methods

    Tell the customer what payment methods are acceptable. Clearly state whether you accept Visa, MasterCard, check or money order. Provide your contact information, even if it is listed on the letterhead.

  4. Close and sign the letter

    Close with your thanks for the customer's prompt attention, and reaffirm the value you place on your business relationship. Sign and date the letter.

  5. Enclose an envelope

    Enclose an envelope to make it easier for the customer to send the payment.