How Do You Write a Pasture Lease?


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To write a pasture lease, choose a method of rental, such as rent per acre or rent per animal for a grazing lease. If you do not already know, find out the value of the land by consulting the most recent annual tax assessment your county mailed to you.

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Include information in the agreement about failure to pay the lease, dates rent is due, the lease amount, the owner's responsibilities, including damages covered, and any responsibilities the renter has to care for the land. Include signature lines and date lines for both the renter and the land owner. Consult with a contract lawyer to ensure that the document is legal and covers every aspect the agreement requires, including any special circumstances surround the land. A lawyer is also important in case a dispute arises during the lease period. Ask other land owners in the area who lease land for advice or examples of their leases to compare both the contract and the rental rates.

The rental rate is usually calculated by multiplying six to seven percent of the value of the land, the availability of other pastures in the area, land taxes and the cost of upkeep. Some agreements add the quality of the soil and production capability. Rental rates vary from one state to another.

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