How Do You Write a Past-Due Invoice Letter?


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The first step in writing a past-due invoice letter is to collect all of the relevant information about the client and the transaction. Verify the client has no mitigating circumstances affecting his ability to deliver what is owed. Also, verify the client has received previous communications before sending the invoice.

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Make sure the tone of the letter itself is polite and does not contain evidence of anger, frustration or any use of threatening language. Such attempts to intimidate the client are counterproductive to the goal of receiving money owed.

If this is the first letter sent to this client, it should remind him he has been satisfied with your company in the past and that without receiving payments on time, it is difficult to keep your small business operating. If possible, offer the customer a variety of ways to pay, such as check, credit card or Paypal.

Subsequent letters should mention how many days overdue the invoice is, the number of previous reminders, the fee for being overdue and a request for an immediate reply.

For all such letters, include a copy of the original invoice with the amount due and the due date highlighted. If necessary, include a new invoice that represents the addition of late fees and interest. Finally, include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your business address on it to make sending a physical payment or letter easier.

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