How Do You Write Your Own Performance Review?


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To write your own performance review, show off your accomplishments, assess your skills honestly, be concise and present a wide range of accomplishments and skills. Asking colleagues for feedback can give you help in narrowing down what to put in your evaluation. Include some areas for improvement and actionable steps to achieve them in addition to the accomplishments.

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Using a conversational yet professional tone is effective when writing your own performance evaluation. Use specific descriptive words that provide an accurate picture of your work performance. Give specific examples of projects or accomplishments instead of giving general statements. Include facts and figures when possible, such as percentages to show success rate or sales numbers that show improvement.

Look back over the entire period covered in the evaluation when looking for examples and accomplishments. Your newest accomplishments are freshest on your mind and on the mind of your supervisor, but you may find some impressive accomplishments you forgot about in the past. Pull examples from different parts of your job. Present examples of your customer service and not just your sales numbers.

While you want to focus on the positives of your performance, including some areas of improvement shows that you can look at your performance objectively. It also shows that you want to improve your performance. Include some specific goals related to those areas to show you have a plan.

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