How Do I Write an Operational Plan?

Writing an operational plan begins with listing the long-term goals that the company wants to meet. The goals indicated here constitute the top management’s vision for the firm. The second step is making a list of the steps the company has to take to achieve the set goals, possible impediments to achieving the goals and how to counter the barriers.

An operational plan outlines the plans the company makes to meet its challenges and achieve success. Different companies have different goals that they sometimes struggle to meet. The first part of an operational plan is listing the company’s major goals clearly. The second part indicates the operations that the company plans to undertake within the short term to achieve long-term goals.

An operational plan must be broken into shorter durations, either weekly or biweekly. List all the possible obstacles the company is likely to face in its attempt to actualize its plans. The plans are regularly reviewed to correct these impediments, thus helping the company to achieve the goals.

The next step in creating an operational plan is writing an alternative plan to use in the event that the corrective measures fail. The management must have a backup plan to use if the original one fails. It is imperative to document all original and alternate plans of the company before the onset of every fiscal year.