How Do You Write an Objective for the Perfect Resume?


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Write an objective for a perfect resume by referencing the job opening and incorporating it into your personal career goals using concise and specific language emphasizing how you can be an asset to the corporation. Objective statements may be written differently for those at different stages of their careers.

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First, decide if you wish to have a separate objective section or to incorporate the objective into a qualifications summary section instead. An example of this is mentioning your desired job and immediately following it with your qualifications, such as "Dependable and outstanding manager, skilled in networking and information technology." While you may continue to list your qualifications, the first part of your summary defines your objective as the job you are applying for.

One benefit of adding a separate objective section is that it gives your resume a more customized appearance to the hiring manager.

The objective should always focus on how you are a potential asset to the company rather than just listing ideal working preferences. Incorporating descriptions such as "team-oriented" and expressing the desire for "professional development" help communicate this idea. Avoid any vague language while doing this, as objectives such as "seeking a challenge" can seem generic. The objective statement should be as concise and to the point as possible to convey your qualifications quickly and make it easy for the hiring manager to read your resume.

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