What Do You Write in a "notice to Vacate" Letter?

The tenant should note his intent to move out of the premises within 30 days of the date the "notice to vacate" letter is written, include a forwarding address for the security deposit and sign the letter, notes J. Hirby for The Law Dictionary. Not submitting a letter can result in financial penalties.

A tenant needs to submit a "notice to vacate" letter to his landlord so the rented unit can be cleaned, rented to a new tenant as quickly as possible and repaired if necessary, states Hirby. A landlord might add penalties or keep the tenant's security deposit if he does not submit a proper "notice to vacate" letter. The tenant should make sure all of his belongings are removed from the unit by the end of the 30 days in case the landlord decides to have the unit cleaned on the final day noted in the letter.

A tenant may also need to note his reason for terminating the lease agreement if he is vacating the property before the original lease expires, says Hirby. The letter should also list several ways to contact the tenant in case there are any problems receiving the security deposit at the forwarding address. For legal purposes, the individual should make sure he properly signs and dates the letter.