How Do You Write a Notarized Letter of Residence?

A notarized letter of residence is written in the format of any other official letter. The author’s name and address come first at the top right corner of the page, with each address element on a separate line. This is followed by the name and the address of the recipient, aligned to the left, and the date of the letter comes next, which is aligned to the right.

The body starts with a salutation (“Dear), followed by the recipient’s name. In the main body of the letter, the information to be provided is summed up in one or two paragraphs. This information should be brief and concise. Let it include important names and dates. The end of the letter is signed off with “Yours sincerely,” or as one would sign any formal letter. In addition, a space is spared for the notary public to sign and put his stamp or seal.

Generally, a notarized letter of residence is written as proof of residence when one moves from one state to another or across town. This proof is needed when applying for government benefits, registering to vote, enrolling children in school and changing the address on a driver’s license. A person may obtain a template letter, fill it out and have it stamped. A small fee may be charged for the service.