How Do You Write a Money Order?


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To write a money order, fill in the blanks with the appropriate information, and keep the receipt portion until you know the transaction is completed. The process is similar to writing a check.

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  1. Write in pen

    Make sure to fill out the information on the money order in pen. You may want to write in all-capital letters, but this is not required. It is important to make sure the information cannot be altered.

  2. Verify the amount

    The amount of the money order should be printed on the document. Make sure it is for the amount you requested.

  3. Fill in the name of the recipient

    Money orders have a space to write the name of the person you are paying. Fill in this blank with the name of the person who is cashing the money order.

  4. Add the address

    Most money orders also ask for the address of the person you are paying. If you are not sure of the specific address, make sure to at least include the city and state.

  5. Include the name of the purchaser

    You also need to include your name as the purchaser. Some money orders require that you also include your address, or at least your city and state.

  6. Fill in the memo

    Finally, you need to fill in the memo portion of the money order. You can record the account number and what the money order was used for, if applicable.

  7. Keep the receipt

    The money order should come with a portion that you can keep for your records. Keep it in a safe place.

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