How Do You Write a Mission Statement?


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A business mission statement first defines what the business does for its customers, then what it does for its employees and owners. Some mission statements also include what the business does to improve the community and the world. The mission statement should define the company's goals, values and culture.

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  1. Define what the business does for its customers

    Think of all the times when the business provided exceptional products or services to customers and how those customers benefited. Brainstorm specific examples. These examples help you decide what to put in the first part of the mission statement. For example, a taxi service might offer reliability, a fast-food restaurant might offer healthy dining options, and a printing company might offer stellar quality images.

  2. Examine how the company boosts the morale of its employees

    This part of the mission statement needs to define why working for the company is good for the employees. Reference should be made to things like fair wages, room for advancement, a healthy, safe, and diverse work environment and a culture that embraces creativity and innovation. Mentioning these things serves to remind employees of these values and provides a basis for enforcing good practices.

  3. Explain how the company benefits the owners

    Private sector businesses seek to enhance value for shareholders or private owners. Statements about increasing stock price and return on investment are important. It is also vital to include more specific goals, such as increasing cash flow, growth or profits.

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