How Do You Write Minutes?

How Do You Write Minutes?

To write minutes, start with a heading that includes all pertinent identifying information, then note whether the previous meeting's minutes were accepted. Next, report on all action items discussed during the meeting. List meeting announcements, and include the ending time of the meeting.

  1. Create a heading

    Write the name of the unit holding the meeting, along with the meeting's date, time and location. Add a list of the meeting participants, and note any who were excused or otherwise absent.

  2. Note the status of the previous meeting's minutes

    At the beginning of the meeting, the participants vote to accept or reject the previous meeting's minutes. Always note the results of this vote along with any discussion about the minutes.

  3. Report on all action items

    List each action item covered during the meeting along with a report on the discussion about that item. Include the name of the person who leads the discussion and any decisions that are made.

  4. Report announcements

    List announcements made during the meeting along with the names of those making the announcements.

  5. Give information about the next meeting

    Add information about when and where the next meeting is to be held.

  6. Add the ending time

    Finish the minutes with the time the meeting ended and your signature.