How Do You Write a Memorandum?


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To write a memorandum, conduct research on the topic, and prepare a main idea or thesis. Explain the background of the problem or issue, and discuss how you are approaching a solution or solutions. Include a conclusion and any needed attachments..

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  1. Research the topic

    Conduct interviews, read journal and newspaper articles, or pursue another avenue of research. Keep a list of sources, and attribute any data or ideas in your memo. Use your research to prepare the thesis, or main idea, of the memo.

  2. Write the header

    Start with "TO:." List who is getting the memo and their titles. The next line is "FROM:" and includes your name and job title. Next are "DATE:" and "SUBJECT:." The subject should be brief, accurate and concise.

  3. Write the context and task segments

    Discuss what the memo is about. What problem does it discuss, and how was the problem uncovered? For example, customer surveys may have pinpointed a potential weakness in a marketing strategy. In the task segment, broach potential solutions or actions to take. If you have trouble with this section, you may not have explained the problem well enough. Be sure to give decision-makers the information they need.

  4. Write the summary, discussion and closing segments

    Write a summary section if the memo is longer than one page. Summarize the memo's recommendations and your research methods. In the discussion section, explain the supporting details for your ideas. Start with the most critical information. In the closing portion, explain what action the reader needs to take and if you plan to be in touch and when. List any attachments.

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