How Do You Write a Memo?


Start a business memo with a heading and an opening that clearly states the purpose of the memo. Follow that with the body of your memo and a brief closing.

  1. Compose the heading

    Use a block format for the heading. On the top line, indicate to whom the memo is addressed. On the next line, indicate the writer of the memo. Place the date on the third line and the memo's subject on the fourth.

  2. Write the opening

    Write a brief paragraph clearly explaining the subject and purpose of the memo. Be sure to specify any action you want readers to take after receiving the document.

  3. Write the body

    Use short, concise paragraphs to develop the topic described in the opening. Order the information in your paragraphs logically so readers can easily follow your points. Highlight important information with a bulleted list.

  4. Write the closing

    End your memo with a brief closing that features the relevant details your readers need. Include information about action the readers should take, responses you wish to receive, and dates or deadlines the readers should keep in mind. Finally, include a simple and courteous word of closing thanking your readers and inviting questions about the topic of the memo.