How Do You Write a Meeting Letter?

The steps for writing a free meeting letter vary depending on the person or party with which you are requesting the meeting, as unfamiliar parties require a greater level of respect and explanation. In all cases, address the person, explain who you are and the reason for the meeting.

A meeting request letter enables you to create an initial point of contact with another person, often for the purpose of creating a new business relationship or to discuss an important matter related to your company. It is common to write such letters to a business that you hope to work with under a mutual partnership or take on as a client. In these cases, open the letter with your full name and contact information along with a formal and respectful greeting. Thank the person for taking the time to review your correspondence, and explain that you wish to establish a meeting as well as what you hope to discuss during the meeting. Include ample reasoning for why the meeting would benefit the recipient, and close with your thanks and contact information again.

When writing a meeting request letter to familiar peers or members of your own organization, it is unnecessary to use the same level of exposition but important to still remain courteous and professional. Briefly explain the reason for the meeting, propose a time and place, and include your contact information.