How Do You Write a Managerial Report?

A good managerial report must have clear objectives written in easy to understand language. Readers must be able to use the report to make decisions. There are different types of managerial reports, some of which include reports on budget, projected financial statements and strategic planning.

Substantial research precedes any good report. Writers take time to gather all the information that the report might require. This might involve talking to colleagues, reviewing business data and projected earnings forecasts. Most managerial reports follow the same template.

  1. Start with an introduction
  2. The introduction of a managerial report outlines the scope of the report, the purpose, the methods used in analysis and any assumptions that may have been made.

  3. Discuss key findings
  4. The middle of the report covers the findings of the writer based on reviewed data. It may also include a presentation of the data analysis being discussed using graphs and charts.

  5. Make recommendations
  6. In the final stage of the report, the writer draws conclusions from the findings and then proceeds to make recommendations based on them. The writer may also address what the potential implications of the findings are likely to be as well as make projections on the potential outcome of the measures being proposed or recommended in the report.