How Do You Write a Living Trust?


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To write a living trust, organize information about assets, beneficiaries, a successor trustee and desired guardianship of children, notes LegalZoom. Organizing information before writing helps when drafting the document.

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In addition to all the personal details needed to write a living trust, it helps to select a tool for organizing the information and writing the trust, notes AllLaw.

  1. Itemize assets
  2. List and document all personal assets and their values. Make sure to include things like life insurance and investments.

  3. Designate beneficiaries and a trustee
  4. For each item on the list of assets, designate a beneficiary. Designate a trusted person as the successor trustee to administer these final wishes.

  5. Deal with issues involving children
  6. A living trust cannot specifically assign guardianship of minor children, but a related document called a pour-over will can designate guardianship.

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