How Do You Write Letters for Complaints and Petitions?


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Write a letter for complaints and petitions by determining the specific recipient of the letter, outlining the exact reason for the compliant and including a clear list of actions the recipient may take to improve the situation or resolve your issue. It should use language appropriate to the target recipient of the letter and make reference to the number and source of signature you have in your petition.

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A letter of complaint and petition serves as a correspondence to an official, company or individual to notify them about a specific matter while demonstrating the volume of people it is affecting, which you show through the signatures on the actual petition. Begin such a letter by addressing the intended recipient by name. Introduce yourself and state the purpose of the letter, including a clear definition of the reason for which you are complaining.

Follow this with several examples of the matter, citing specific content from or actions taken by the recipient and explaining how they affect your community or group. Use as many examples as necessary to highlight the severity and impact of the problem. The letter must also contain a clear course of action you wish the recipient to take to rectify the issue, such as repealing a law or recalling a product. Conclude the letter by mentioning the total number of signatures you have on your petition and describing the people from whom they came, such as customers or constituents.

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