How Do You Write Letters Asking for Donations From Companies?


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Write a letter asking for a donation from a company using your organization's official letterhead. The current date appears at the top of the letter, as does the address of the company recipient. Personalize the letter by addressing it to a company representative. Briefly describe your organization's main mission and share specific goals the organization wishes to achieve. Politely suggest a particular monetary donation and thank the company for considering the organization's donation request.

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Before composing a donation letter to a company, conduct thorough research into how each company handles donation requests. Some companies want to know details such as the demographic breakdown of an organization's beneficiaries. Some companies require submission of forms. Whatever the specific rules are regarding donation requests, follow the company's procedures to the letter. Avoid sending a donation letter to a standard company address, because the letter may never get to the person in charge of donation requests.

Visit the company's website to find out who is responsible for donation requests, or contact the company directly via phone or email to find out this important information. Companies get a lot of donation requests, so share passion for your cause in the letter and explain the difficulties in reaching your fundraising goal. Mention in-kind donations and opportunities for employees to receive paid time off for volunteering, if applicable to your organization.

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