How Do You Write a Letter to Verify Employment?


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Write a letter to verify employment by placing your name and title in the header of the letter, addressing it to the requesting party and including a statement that you are confirming the employment status of the employee in question through the letter. Include the employee's name, job title and the status of the employ, then close the letter with your contact information.

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Some employees who newly enter a position or company require a letter verifying the stability and presence of the job, such as when applying for a loan, when there is no other documentation to endorse the claim. In these circumstances, the letter should come from the employee's direct supervisor or a member of the human resources department to add the appropriate level of authority. It may also help to write the letter on the company's letterhead, or to send it from a company email address if you choose to send it electronically.

Begin the letter by introducing yourself, including your title, and stating the intent of the letter. Provide the full name of the employee and list only the facts relevant to the situation, such as salary or hourly rate and the number of hours worked each week. It is not necessary to provide any additional details about the nature of the employee's job within the company or any personal information. Close the letter by inviting the requester to contact you with any additional questions.

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