How Do You Write a Letter of Resignation?


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Write your letter of resignation in an affable and professional tone. Be formal, honest, sincere and concise. Also, make sure to avoid being overly wordy, and do not flatter or make jokes.

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Keep your letter formal by using your employer's last name along with "Mr." or "Mrs.". Even if you did not like the job, try to think of something positive you learned or a good experience you had, and let this carry over into your letter. It must sound honest or sincere; astute people can tell when you are trying to butter them up. If the job presented any ethical or safety issues, bring these up in an affable but firm way. Make sure that your employer knows your reasons for leaving, but don't write him or her a novel, and avoid drama.

If you are a star employee, your employer may be very sorry to see you go and may even try to convince you to stay. Make it clear that you are not open to bargaining for raises, working more or less hours or negotiating further. Thank your employer warmly for the experience and training he provided for you, and explain how these skills may aid you in the future. End the letter by using "sincerely" and signing your name.

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