How Do You Write a Letter Requesting an Internship?

A cover letter requesting an internship at an organization should do more than just make the request. It should also demonstrate how the applicant will fit into the organization and what qualities and skills he or she can offer. It should also explain why the applicant wants the internship.

The layout for a cover letter is fairly simple.

  1. Format
  2. A cover letter should be formatted in a professional way and should be addressed to an individual person where possible. It should also be personalized to the position or organization, so it is best to do some research before writing.

  3. Explain what is required
  4. The opening paragraphs of the letter should explain what the applicant wants, when they want it, and why they are writing at this particular time. For example, they could be writing because they were referred by someone they know.

  5. Explain how the internship will benefit the organization
  6. This is the most important part of the letter, and it is the part that should be as customized as possible. It should focus on how the applicants' skills and knowledge can be applied to the organization and what benefits the internship will bring to the company as well as the applicant.

  7. Explain why
  8. It is also important to explain why the applicant is applying to this particular organization.

  9. Ending
  10. The closing paragraph should give full contact details for the applicant, including a telephone number and email address.