How Do You Write a Letter Requesting FMLA Leave?

To write a medical leave of absence letter, research the company’s medical leave policies, describe the type of treatment, include the name of the co-worker taking up your work responsibilities and send the letter through certified mail. Ensure that the letter is professional and formal because it is likely to be included in your employee file.

Contact the human resources department to find out if your company adheres to the Family Medical Leave Act if it has less than 50 employees. Read the employee handbook to find out how to go about requesting for medical leave. Employees of companies that adhere to the FMLA can request medical leave for up to 12 weeks in one year. Obtain and fill out FMLA forms to be included with the letter.

Ensure that the reason for requesting medical leave is recognized under the company rules. Common reasons for requesting medical leave include child or spouse medical needs, surgery, debilitating accident and serious illness. Address the letter to the correct person according to the company rules. Find out if vacation or paid leave time can be incorporated into the medical leave.

Detail the type of surgery or treatment, along with the exact date for commencement. Give a specific or estimated date to return to work depending on the situation.

Include the name of the person to take over your work responsibilities and provide contact information. Mention if it is possible to get some of the work done from home.

Lastly, enclose copies of relevant documents such as medical records or a doctor’s letter. Send the letter through certified mail to ensure that there is an official record of when the letter is sent.