How Do You Write a Letter to Request an Interview?

Write a letter to request an interview by addressing the letter directly to the recruiter or hiring manager in question, using formal and professional language explaining the purpose of the letter and then explaining your qualifications for the position. Conclude the letter by thanking the recipient and offering your contact information as well as enclosing a copy of your resume.

An interview request letter allows you to highlight your skills and experience in a more personal and extended manner compared to only sending a copy of your resume. The letter should begin by directly addressing the person responsible for conducting the interviews or making decisions regarding the job rather than using a generic salutation. This establishes a direct connection between you and the hiring manager and shows a greater level of interest in the job. It is also important to immediately state that you are writing to request an interview so that the manger understands the nature of the letter.

The body should cover the reasons you should interview for the position, citing your past work experience and accomplishments as examples. Avoid using generic language or terms, instead focusing on specific details of your previous jobs to provide a clear picture of your capabilities, work ethic and ability to handle the responsibilities of the position. Always end such as letter by thanking the manager for taking the time to read it and providing multiple methods through which she may contact you.