How Do You Write a Letter of Rental Termination?


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Write a letter of rental termination by addressing the landlord or leasing agent, including the full address of the property and clearly stating that the letter serves as your written notification of intent to vacate the premises. Also include the date on which you plan to move out.

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It is important to include your name and the names of the tenants in a letter of rental termination, along with the address of the rental property, in order to ensure that the landlord knows exactly which lease you are discussing. In the body of the letter, state that you are officially notifying the landlord that you plan to move out and do not wish to continue or renew your lease. Include the date on which you are sending the letter and the date on which you plan to move out.

Many states require tenants to provide landlords with written notice upon moving out of a rental property, usually 30 days in advance. This notice, sometimes known as a letter of rental termination, serves as a fulfillment of any legal obligation to provide the landlord with ample time to prepare the apartment for the next tenant. In most cases, tenants send the letter before the end of a rental agreement, such as a one-year lease, or at any point during a month-to-month lease.

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